Department of Oriental Studies, Yangon University

University Avenue Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


The Department of Oriental Studies is located to the left of the Arts Hall, quite near the Convocation Hall. We offer Bachelor of Arts, Honours and Master of Arts classes every year. A Ph.D course started in 2000. The Diploma class has been open from 2003. A First Year Oriental Studies Outstanding class (in the Arts faculty) was also opened in 2013.

Our students work hard to fulfil the country’s need to become a prosperous democratic country.

Has Buddhism something to teach modern youth? Buddhism is a timeless, universal teaching which everybody should learn how to practise in the pursuit of liberty, peace and happiness. Indeed Buddhism is a universal way of life which is founded on compassion and wisdom. It is not a dogmatic religion. The study of “Oriental Studies” covers the areas outlined in our Mission and Research Fields.

Today, the education sector plays an important role both in national reforms and future progress. Our students observe the religion of Buddhism, its social aspects, thinking, experience and practice and the rules and customs of religious communities. They are encouraged to practise what they learn in their social activities, life, sports, reading and playing.

This department has a small library with some rare books such as Parabaik and Sanskrit Texts.

Vision :

That Myanmar’s people, young and old, should better understand the teachings of Buddhism and their relevance to Myanmar’s development. For example, the Buddhist Dhamma teaches that there are no barriers or discrimination in the matter of caste, class, colour or age; no one must be persecuted for creedal differences and all are treated as equal in the pursuit of knowledge, liberty, peace and happiness. This knowledge and practice will help people to become citizens of a prosperous democratic country.


• to understand the significance of Oriental Studies based on Sanskrit and Pali language & Literature
• to introduce the graduate students with the historical background, cultural heritage and traditional belief of Buddhism
• to promote peace by understanding and practicing the teachings of the Buddha and to conserve Buddhism for the next generations
• to be outstanding students with high quality outcome by realizing the value of ethics, morality and Buddhist philosophy
• to be aware of the importance and benefits of Buddhist Society in Myanmar.
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