Department of Zoology, Yangon University

University Avenue Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


The Department of Zoology was established in Yangon University in 1965. It started as the Department of Biology in 1960 and then was divided into two departments as the Department of Zoology and the Department of Botany. Dr Mrs. J. A. Lynsdale was the first Professor in the Department of Zoology. Over the past fifty years the Department has grown and is dedicated to providing students with excellent learning opportunities to encourage their interest in Zoology.

Vision :

To enable students to understand the real world relevance of this biological science, to foster scientific literacy and critical thinking skills, to lay the foundations for lifelong learning and to provide a meaningful productive contribution to society.

Mission :

  • To provide a centre of academic excellence and research relevant to local, regional and national needs, and for cooperation with leading researchers and educational institutions
  • To improve knowledge of the subject by extending its scope beyond textbooks, manuals and laboratories and projecting it as part of everyday life, thus encouraging an experimental and critical approach

Degree Programmes

  • The Department of Zoology at the University of Yangon offers Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.


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