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  • What is Dev Bootstrap?

    Dev Bootstrap is a 3 month intensive Software Developer training program designed to help developers gain solid, real world experience developing actual applications and land a dream job!

  • Core Technologies

    On Dev Bootstrap we will start with the fundamentals of programming using languages Ruby and Javascript before moving on to the frameworks Rails and Angular . Students will also learn about test driven development, pair programming, software versioning using Git, client demos and much more. Fasten your seat-belts – the course is totally immersive and completely hands on!

  • Ruby on Rails

    An incredibly popular and powerful server side technology for rapidly building prototypes and world class production ready applications. Deeply rooted in the ‘convention over configuration’ ideology and ‘Model View Controller’ pattern of building applications – Rails has quickly become a first choice framework for startups and developers the world over.

  • Angular

    Angular  is a fairly new framework that is designed to bring the power of the ‘Model, View, Controller’ pattern to the browser using Javascript. Backed by search powerhouse Google, this framework is certainly here to stay. Touted as ‘how browser API’s should have been build for building rich client-side applications’, Angular JS aims to make developing powerful, ‘Gmail’ style, responsive applications a breeze.

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