English for Teens from Shane English School

Graha Delima, Jl. Kejayaan I No.7A, Krukut, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11140, Indonesia


The level of English courses for teenagers ranges from A1 – B2 at CEFR (European Common Standard for Reference Languages).

Students will study real-world topics in English with an emphasis on four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Group activities encourage collaboration, while study groups help create a productive social environment.

The teachers convey the language being taught using a universally meaningful context, as well and focusing on grammatical forms, pronunciation and language accuracy.

The ‘freer activities’ provide opportunities for students to use English in ‘real life’ situations. Students will gain confidence and a broader understanding of how and when the language is used. It also provides an opportunity for the teacher to see if the students have really absorbed the targeted language.

The English course books, as well as the original texts used provide additional context for the language thereby broadening students’ horizons. The emphasis on freer-themed writing helps students at higher levels as they take international standard English exams (such as IELTS). Structured reading materials (fiction and non-fiction books) were used to further motivate the students and increase their speed at learning English in other areas.


If you have any questions or would like more information about the course, please contact us.

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