What is this era all progress whether it is technology and living But that’s the benefit that makes education accessible to everyone. And we recognize the importance of English as the most effective communication tool. Another option for learning English for modern children is learning through a variety of online media. In an era where technology and the Internet are counted as one of the things that people in this era cannot live without. The important thing that drives the teaching of English in an online format. is to pass on high quality lessons to every Thai child and the best way is to reform the English language education system to be better and more efficient.


And this is what drives us… The English Gang team has created the ultimate learning program to help children. Learn English effectively And it is another unique change in learning English. And there is no one like… We have a teaching system that is easy to understand. with effective teachers That will help to learn English effectively when children can communicate in English and read English articles. They will be able to surf more than 50% of websites from all over the world!! that means Children will have more channels to learn and study things than ever before. The Internet is a very useful learning tool for those who are ready to learn. And online learning is rapidly spreading around the world. Due to the prevalence of the Internet and the way of life of people in this era, so if Thai people can access knowledge online (Most of which are in English) Thai people and Thailand will develop and progress a lot in a way that we never expected.

And this is why English Gang attaches importance to the English language teaching system. Our mission is to develop and improve the English language learning style in Thailand as best we can. And we sincerely hope that all parents feel the same way. and realize the importance of learning English that plays an increasingly important role in the future.


English Gang’s online English courses are divided into two groups. according to the age of the students

1.) English courses for adults

2.) English courses for children

Learning general teaching

Our core courses are divided into 5 different levels. Each level helps students develop a wide range of language skills. Our primary focus is on the development of students’ speaking and listening. This will help build confidence in English conversation for learners. Students will learn through simulations of real-world situations that they may encounter in their daily lives. We are committed to encouraging learners to speak English correctly with confidence.

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