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Erudio Indonesia, Jalan Kampung Ciater, Rawakalong, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia


The learning program at this school aims to equip students with the skills they need in the future. Students will study in an ecosystem that connects them to industry and society and experiment with problems through the projects they design. Rather than homogenizing learners, we chose to celebrate learner diversity by allowing students to plan their own learning based on their interests and learning styles. Adults act as resource persons and facilitators to guide each student on their learning journey.

 Why art & science?

Since the dawn of human civilization, art and science have contributed equally to the understanding of how the universe works and to the improvement of human life as a whole.

 What’s more, in a rapidly changing world like today, the differences between art and science are narrowing, and to be able to create something or to solve a particular problem, often, requires art and science to work together in an integrated manner.

Erudio Indonesia, through the media of arts and sciences, creates a learning environment that allows students to explore their unique strengths and potential, prepare them for their future, learn about things that matter, explore intricate issues, and solve the most challenging problems in the world. world. 

We believe that every student is unique. Each of them have their own interests and ways of learning. Instead of feeding them knowledge, we encourage students to explore material, ask questions, and share ideas. Not only memorizing facts and materials, students here explore knowledge while applying them. This learning style will allow students to build knowledge through exploration, experience, and discussion

At Erudio, students can start projects, design their own projects and define their own assessment criteria. Each student will be assessed based on the personal development they have achieved, consistency in the work process and the final work not only by the teacher but also by the practitioner.

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