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Why use E-School App ?

Time Saving

eSchool App can solve the time consuming management processes due to paperwork such as calculation of student attendance, student grad report card and so on.


Delays and uncertain information due to paper report cards. And eSchool App help to check the school fees status.

Easy to Use

eSchool can use with any kind of device such as Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile. So, it can help teacher who don’t want to use computer.

Parents Mobile App

eSchool is the first Parents Mobile App in Myanmar that it can check student’s grate, attandance, time table, exam time table and so on.


Student Registration

Easily and Quickly to search Student.

Exam Time Table

Parents also can check exam time table with Mobile App.

Teacher Attendances

It just need to record and eSchool App calculate the percentage of Monthly and Yearly Attendance.

School Fees

Checking about the paid or unpaid status.

Calendar / News

Parents can get school’s news via App.


Teacher Registraion

Easily to know teacher data with associate calsses and subjects.

Students Attandance

It just need to record and eSchool App caluate the parcentage of Monthly and Yearly Attandance.

Student Acedemic Record

It just need to record student marks and eSchool App calulate the Grade.


There are many kind of reports relative with School Management.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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