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Eva (developed by PT Elektronik) is a a chatbot creation platform that requires no coding. It allows clients (enterprises, celebrities, etc.) to create chatbots by adding specific data to the chatbot’s backend. It claims to use natural language processing to engage end users on chat. Eva’s chatbots have been used for various kinds of chat contexts.
Instant Chatbot Creator
Real Time 24 Hours Serving Customers From Various Chat Applications.
Chatbots can reduce Customer Service Burden Significantly.

Before being forwarded to the Operator, every incoming message will be handled by the Chatbot. And if there are questions that have not been answered by the Chatbot, the message will be forwarded to the Operator.

Instant Process, without programming skills you can create a Chatbot according to your needs. Adding knowledge, and installing intelligence, all done in the user friendly Dashboard/Console page .

EVA can work in various messenger applications, such as Telegram Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and LINE. In addition, you can also connect EVA on your Website or Mobile Application.

Control All Conversations From Multiple Channels In One Dashboard.

Chatbots can help you to serve customers ( customer service ), promotions, managing communities, facilitating transactions, simulations and education, event registration, loyalty programs, consulting services and so on.

EVA uses the NLP (Natural Language Processing) method to help the Chatbot recognize the language commonly used by humans. Recognize possible typos, know the type of conversation, and more. The method used by EVA on each chatbot can minimize process errors that may occur. And currently EVA continues to develop its NLP method.

Chatbots can be provided with knowledge by their owners through the practical Chat method, or through the Console page. Any new knowledge provided by the owner, will be stored in the Knowledge Center Chatbot.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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