Executive Development Program (EDP)

Faculty of Administrative Science University of Indonesia, University of Indonesia, Jalan Professor Doktor Selo Soemardjan, Pondok Cina, Depok, West Java 16424, Indonesia


The Executive Development Program (EDP) is an institution under the auspices of FIA UI which provides executive development programs in almost all functional management areas and managerial skills aids as well as providing services that are able to access various interests both academics and professionals.

This is in line with FIA UI’s commitment to sustainable executive and managerial development that provides topics relevant to professional needs, relating to public policies, taxes and business that are developing at this time as well as focused results-driven governance and innovation activities. on results and achievement strategies.

The programs provided by the Executive Development Program (EDP) are designed to improve leadership capabalities and managerial skills for professionals who focus on being the best in the company or organization. Our training programs are held regularly and can be attended by professionals and academics. In addition, we offer in-house training for those of you who are interested in conducting training at your location.

Training Program

Policy Analysis Training Program

The Policy Analysis Training Program is structured to meet the needs of professionals and academics who are required to have the ability to design and conduct policy analysis concerning the public interest and the use of resources allocated effectively and efficiently in relation to policies. The Policy Analysis training aims to equip participants in forming quality policies that can benefit the public and respond to the challenges of social, economic, political change at the local, national and global levels.

 Leadership Capacity Building Strategy Training Program

The Leadership Capacity Building Strategy Training Program is designed to meet the needs of government agencies, especially leaders in building leadership. Through the presentation of this material, participants will receive adequate training not only on the applicative aspect, but also to understand the current scientific trends.

Technical Guidance Training Program

The Technical Guidance Training Program for the Law on Regional Taxes and Levies has been prepared to meet the needs of professionals and academics who are required to have the ability to understand and apply Regional Tax and Retribution Regulations for effective and efficient regional financial management. The Technical Guidance Training Law on Regional Tax and Retribution aims to equip trainees to analyze the Laws and Regulations so that it is applicable to running in the Regional Government. The Technical Guidance Training for Regional Tax and Retribution Law is also an effort to improve the competence and capability of the State Civil Apparatus to increase the independence of regional finances.

Bureaucratic Reform and Performance Management Strategy Improvement Training Program

Bureaucratic Reform and Performance Management Strategy Improvement Training Program is structured to meet the needs of professionals and academics who are required to conceptualize and implement bureaucratic reform strategies and performance management for effective and efficient organization. Bureaucratic Reform and Performance Management Strategy Enhancement Training aims to equip trainees to conduct bureaucratic reform and good performance management starting from the organizational structure to the individual.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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