Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Laos

2JPP+Q2 National University of Laos NUOL, Don Noun, Laos



–      Create academic knowledge skills qualifications ethics and the way to the thinking and behavior

–      promote and develop research university Degree agricultural quality nearby regions

–      develop the faculty as a place calm clean green and boasts convenient modern teaching.

Current curriculum

1. Department of Agriculture:

  • Branch of Agriculture (4 years )
  • Plant Protection (4 years )
  • Continuing Agriculture years )
  • Master of Agricultural Sciences (2 years)

2. Department of Livestock and Fisheries

  • Animal Science (4 years )
  • Fisheries (4 years )
  • Continuing in Livestock and Fisheries years )
  • Master of Animal Science (2 years)
  • Master of Science in Science: Sustainable Hydropower Development (2 years)

3. Department of Agricultural Economics and Food Technology

  • Bachelor of Agriculture Economics and Food Technology (4 years)
  • Master of Science in Sustainable Agricultural Resource Management (2 years)

4. Department of Veterinary Medicine

  • Veterinary Branch (6 years)


1. Laboratory  

–      Chemical research       

–      Soil analysis

–      Plant diseases

–      Seed technology

–      Animal feed research

–      Corn and Green Animal Sciences

–      Food microorganisms

–      Food biochemistry

2. Demonstration farm

–      Rice production

–      Organic vegetables ,

–      Growing mushrooms

–      Raising animals

–      Fish production

–      Production of edible insects

–      Processing of agricultural products

Scientific research

In addition to teaching and learning, the faculty members also participated in scientific research related to the agricultural development situation in Laos, such as :

–      production ,

–      Animal production ,

–      Management and use of agricultural resources

–      Value chain analysis

–      Animal feed

–      Fisheries and ecology of fish and

–      Pests and plant diseases .

Most scientific research is carried out by staff, teachers and students, which is a learning process .


  • Establish a “Village Veterinary Volunteer”; NSF [Community Health Day]; Animal disease vaccination process; HOP [Animal Pharmacy]
  • Improving rural livelihoods and food security :

–      Growing vegetables (good organic farming)

–      Growing fodder crops

–      Raising edible insects

–      Improve local chicken raising management

–      Promotion of goat raising

Technical services

Training :

Production of plants , animals, and fish

Processing of agricultural products ;

Good agriculture ;

Food safety analysis ; Market research, farm analysis

Animal health ; Protect plants

Consultant :

Agriculture , processing and agribusiness to rural development organizations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector

1. Crop training

  • Soil improvement
  • Organic vegetable production
  • Propagation of trees for deposit
  • Growing mushrooms
  • Beekeeping

2. Animal husbandry training

  • Animal production
  • Animal feed management
  • Artificial insemination
  • Animal health
  • Aquaculture production

3. Training on agro-economy and agribusiness

  • Value Added Research and Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Collect socio-economic data
  • Processing of agricultural products and food preservation

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