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Rusunawa UNUD, Bukit Jimbaran, Jl. Raya Kampus Unud, Jimbaran, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia


Udayana University today’s is listed as one of the 50 “Promising Universities of Indonesia” published by the Ministry of Education of Republic Indonesia, out of nearly 2.500 higher education institutions around the country. The university has a strong position as one of the leading university particularly in the Eastern Indonesian Territory.

 The university has 13 faculties, 25 master programs and 10 doctoral programs.

Being located in one of the most famous world’s cultural heritage and Indonesia’s tourism business center enables Udayana University to provide a unique cultural and academic environment that no other universities around the world could provide. Udayana University emplaces culture as a scientific paradigm, which further elaborated in its distinctive scientific approaches, faculties, courses, and curriculum, as well as noteworthy teaching and learning methods that allow Udayana University to become the center for the development of excellent, independent, and well – civilized human resources. Currently, approximately 28,353 students are coming from different regions in Indonesia and about 1,500 international students are coming from varied regions around the world (such as Europe, America, Asia, and Australia) to take their study and courses in Udayana University.

In addition to academic study programs, Udayana University also offers vocational programs, short courses, internships, and other technical education.

Udayana University is the right place to build your character, competence, and integrity as the fundamental requirements in the development of professionalism as well as competing in job markets in the global community lifestyle. Trust and Dignity are our identity and a better life for the society is the goal of our institution in conducting educational services.

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