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Faculty of Information Technology (IT), Ton Duc Thang University

19 Đường Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Tân Phong, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


 The Faculty of IT has been one of the prestigious subjects of teaching and scientific research at Ton Duc Thang University. The Faculty of IT is highly vibrant and it has different programmes cooperated with large companies, such as IBM, LogiGear, FSOFT etc. The students, therefore, have the advantage of working under real-life environment enhancing their practical skills. The quality of the programmes is highly appreciated by the fact that more than 90% of the students have jobs in professional areas after their graduation. Many faculty alumni are now accomplished professionals who hold important positions, such as project managers or technical managers, in software development companies and other companies that use information systems.

Job Opportunities for Students

IT being so important in our lives these days, the demand for IT professionals and software developers is huge from the point of view of companies, businesses, agencies, and other organizations. Keeping up with this trend, Faculty of IT has actively designed and implemented various programs cooperated with professional companies such as IBM, LogiGear, FSOFT etc. to expose and support students in developing their professional skills as well as their working spirit. In addition, the faculty also offers internship and practical training to the students in software companies such as TMA, Global CyberSoft, Harvey Nash, and many others, to acquaint them with the real-life working environment. The students of the Faculty of IT are expected to master the theory and be well equipped with professional skills. Therefore, they can work either individually or in groups, in a professional manner in many competitive and high-pressure environments after their successful graduation.

Upon completion of the curriculum, students of the faculty of IT can perform their jobs well in various roles such as software developer, software engineer, IT engineer, computer network system engineer and many more. They can exploit computer at an expert level to solve problems in almost all areas of social life, be it finance, banking, corporate governance, transportation, e-governance, online education, and others. The students also have the opportunity to study at higher education levels at prestigious universities at homeland and abroad.

After graduation, students have the opportunity to work in software development companies and other organizations that use information systems. They can also contribute in teaching at educational institutions having information technology training or continuing in-depth study/research in the field of computer science.

Undergraduate Programmes
 Computer Science : The Computer Science curriculum covers a wide range of high-demand and most recent selective subjects in the field of Information Technology: Information Security, Information Systems, Machine Learning, Data Analytics etc. After graduation, students are able to either join the IT sector as a professional IT individual or continue to research and develop their expertise in the field of Information Technology.
• Software Engineering : The Software Engineering curriculum focuses on the close integration of theory and practice; students are provided with basic and in-depth knowledge of Software Engineering; The process of building, managing and maintaining software systems; Analysis, design, and management of software projects etc. They can organize and manage jobs in the field of software technology, capable of modeling and applying software technology in practice.
• Computer Networks and Data Communications : The curriculum meets all research and application requirements in the field of networking and data communications. After graduation, students are capable of performing multiple tasks such as programming systems, designing, manufacturing, maintaining, producing, testing, managing, securing network and computer communications systems. They also can continue to undertake research and develop technologies in the field of networking and data communications.

 Graduate Programmes
Since 2013, the Ministry of Education and Training has granted the Faculty of IT to enroll students in the Master’s Degree program in the field of Computer Science. This program is designed to train computer science professionals with a deeper level of expertise to meet the research needs as well as the requirements for developing knowledge in the Computer science field.

In parallel with the master’s degree program, the Faculty of IT also has a cooperation with Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic, to train certain Ph.D. students under a Sandwich program. The Faculty of IT always welcomes any form of affiliation or scholarships/aids to either study or do research in developed countries.

Ton Duc Thang University has all the modern facilities to meet the diverse needs of students. There are many computer lab rooms with more than 500 computers with strong configuration, internet connectivity and a range of installed computer programs. The students, therefore, have all favorable conditions to study and practice well.

The Faculty of IT has a team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers. Besides, the Faculty has an Academic club that is quite vibrant and attractive to students. The Academic Club of the Faculty regularly organizes academic activities with the participation of leading experts in the areas of software engineering, computer networks, information security and other related topics. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in scientific research activities, social activities, cultural and artistic movements in order to learn and experience the soft skills necessary to groom their professional skills. After the completion of one year of study at the Faculty of IT at Ton Duc Thang University, students can register for the programme of prestigious universities in Europe, such as the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Students in the 3rd or 4th year will be offered hands-on training in real-world professional skills taught by software companies and other related organizations in the field of information technology and communications.

Oriented objective
Continuing to pursue the mission “For the cause of human development and a society of sustainable development“, Ton Duc Thang University in general and the staff of IT Faculty in particular, are committed to continuously innovate teaching methods with the “student-centered” guideline to train the society of skilled people with practice in critical thinking and problem-solving skills, collaborate with others in the workplace and have other soft skills needed for their professional activities.

To achieve the set goals, with the support from the school, the Faculty of IT is focused in building resources to best serve the teaching. That is:
1. The qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated team of teachers, supported by modern equipment. Teachers are constantly learning and improving their teaching skills.
2. The Faculty emphasizes that each student has a computer to practice better and learn individually.
3. The Faculty is constantly researching, recognizing and improving the training program to best meet the requirements of the society.
4. Students are encouraged and facilitated to participate in academic research activities related to their fields and also in extracurricular activities such as the Youth Union and Student Association, the green summer activities, the contest season helping etc. These activities are organized to help each individual to practice holistically.
5. Be trained in practical skills by industry professionals.

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