Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Management and...

Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Management and Economics

Battambang Province, Cambodia


The Faculty of Law and Economics was established in 2005 according to the needs of the students who have chosen this faculty in order to gain a clear knowledge of the procedures, codes and laws of the economy and respond to the development of society. At present and in the future as well. Therefore, the Doctors, Rector and University Management decided to establish this faculty to operate and organize the curriculum in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, which takes 4 years to graduate. Bachelor of Laws and Economics.


– Provide students with real knowledge in the implementation of national and international law as well as economic processes.
– Make students graduate qualified to meet the real needs of today’s society
– Strengthen students’ ability to predict and analyze social problems  
– Provide students with the ability to create and record new records.

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