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Faculty of Law and Political Science, National University of Laos

2JPP+Q2 National University of Laos NUOL, Don Noun, Laos


This branch studies the legal laws that serve as tools for public administration, the structure and governance mechanisms, as well as the political science, political system of the Lao PDR and the theory of public administration. In it, students will have in-depth knowledge of legal principles such as constitutional law, parliamentary law.

Teaching includes theoretical lectures and learning from real events in society, problem-solving for students to research and discuss in groups, using theory to analyze the problem and bring the students’ point of view. In addition, there are study tours and internships at administrative offices at the central level.

Knowledge and ability to analyze criminal offenses and penalties, have the necessary skills in criminal proceedings such as giving testimony (plaintiff and defendant), Make notes, write statements to prosecute offenders and prepare court judgments. Communication and analytical skills are also practiced.

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