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Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Management and Economics

University of Management and Economics, Sisophon, Cambodia


The Faculty of Science and Technology was established in 2005 according to the needs of the students who have chosen this faculty in order to be curious, to have this skill clearly and to meet the current market needs and time. Therefore, the Doctors, Rector and University Management decided to establish this faculty to run and organize a four-year program to complete the bachelor’s degree in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Mission :

The Faculty of Science and Technology has a mission to provide students with the knowledge to get the latest technology in today’s world, the latest developments in our world is to make students knowledgeable. Sufficient capacity and values ​​to become intellectuals in line with the needs of human resources and the labor market in the current era of globalization.


In response to the above mission, the Faculty of Science and Technology has the following objectives:
– Provide students with general knowledge related to modern technology
– Help students qualify, which is a necessity in the competitive labor market, both now and in the future, especially in the ASEAN region.
– Provide students with the ability to think deeply about issues facing a competitive environment
– Train students to be highly creative in innovation and innovation related to the latest technology.
Encourage students to practice theory-related practices to gain clarity and confidence in a competitive job market.

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