Farmer Livelihood Development (FLD)

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We believe change in Cambodia comes from the people. 85% of the population lives in rural provinces and with support and training they have the power to feed Cambodia, feed their families and send their kids to school. FLD provides farmers with training in sustainable agriculture and business practices and support getting products to market. With a deep understanding of the challenges of rural living, FLD NGO programs support rural communities through initiatives designed to put the community in charge of their future. A focus on hygiene and sanitation means not just building toilets and wells but training communities how to maintain them to avoid future contamination. Their healthy living work is grounded in community education which extends to classes on healthy food preparation and preservation, as well as, other healthy living habits. They provide training, materials and technical support for agricultural income generation such as commercial gardening and frog raising, and provide vocational training for non-agricultural jobs available in rural communities. Community organizing and formation of cooperatives keeps communities in the control of their progress. Future progress and leadership is reinforced through youth development and school enrollment initiatives. For detail on FLD NGO programs please visit the Our Programs tab of this site.

FLD Vision

FLD envisages communities where people interact with integrity and empathy to improve and sustain their livelihood activities, and solve their own problems through justice and democracy.

Mission Statement

The FLD mission is to work with rural communities to improve productivity, promote and create jobs and enhance Micro and Small Enterprise practices to improve food security and living conditions.

Mission Statement

What is good for the people of Cambodia is good for the future.

  • Sustainable farming practices improve food quality and the environment.
  • Sound business practices insure farmer success and loan repayment.
  • Women are great farmers and have capacity to enhance family income and improve lives.
  • Preparing healthy foods means healthy families.
  • Children in school is the door to our future.


Course Objective Price Period Of Study
Straw Mushroom Production

  – To develop an appropriate knowledge of the technique to cultivate straw mushroom

  – To promote mushroom cultivation activity in communities

  – To increase livelihood and sustain food security for income generation in communities

150 USD 5 days
Business Group Formation

  – Be able to understand what is business Group Formation

  – Be able to know book keeping

  – Be able to know working together and problem

140 USD 5 days
Integrated Farm Management

  – To develop an appropriate knowledge of integrated farming system for the rural farmers

  – To promote agriculture productivities a better

  – To better and sustain food security and income generation in communities

180 USD 5 days
Financial Education for the poor

  – set financial goals and explain how to reach them

  – explain how to cope with irregular income and expenses

  – identify ways to expand a business effectively

  – identify steps to avoid delinquency

150 USD 5 days

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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Farmer Livelihood Development (FLD)
training in sustainable agriculture and business practices

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