FBsoft Co., Ltd

328 Phan Xích Long, Phường 7 Phú Nhuận, Phú Nhuận, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Providing solutions, building application software on handheld computers (Pocket PC, Hand Held computer, Palm, PDA) applications in the fields of: container management, warehouse management, electronic menu application in restaurant Hotel.

Professional solutions in the field of Human Resources management and social insurance contributions. Suitable for all types of businesses, especially effective for businesses with a large and often fluctuating number of employees.

Field of activity

  • Software production, development and sales

  • Provide business management application software products and diversified services according to orders.

  • Design consultancy and provide total solutions on information technology for businesses.

  • Outsourcing software for domestic and foreign partners

The company’s main products


Container loading and unloading management software. Managing the entire production and business process at specialized container ports, ICD (Inland Clearance Depot), Depot containers, repair containers and foreign trade forwarding and forwarding activities of shipping agents and shipping lines. containers.


Port management software. Manage the entire double-closed production and business process from marketing to finding customers, planning for loading and unloading, exploiting ships, yards, calculating freight forwarding, to accounting and tracking business. collection and management of reports at seaports.


Application software in financial accounting management of enterprises of large, medium and small scale. Enterprises can choose each module to use in accordance with their scale. Especially, the application is very effective for the business model with many member companies and multi-industries.


Total solution in the field of personnel management, salary. Suitable for all types of businesses, especially promoting efficiency for large-scale enterprises.


Software to manage inventory of materials, goods, balance materials and production planning for businesses.


Application software in the field of social insurance collection management.


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