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Economic recovery of the country from the devastation of World War II compelled Don Salvador & Dona Victoria to establish the first Filipino-owned airline in the Philippines.  This subsequently made the couple put up FEATI Institute of Technology to train and develop aircraft mechanics and engineers for the maintenance and operation of the airline industry.

Founded in 1946, as a private educational institution to produce pilots, mechanics and maintenance professionals for the aeronautics industry, FEATI created a curriculum that includes the full spectrum of engineering, maritime, business and arts courses.

FEATI became a pioneer in aeronautical engineering and aircraft maintenance technology and was directly involved in rebuilding the workforce and engineering capability of the country. 

FEATI was given recognition as a university by the Department of Education in 1959 with Dona Victoria as the first woman president of a technical university.

As a University, our students benefit from well-trained teachers with the appropriate specialization not only in the professional and core courses but also in the tool courses and general education courses.  Mathematics is taught by mathematicians, Physics by physicists, Chemistry by chemists and Mechanics by Mechanical and Civil Engineers. English and Communications courses are taught by English and Communications majors.  For the new General Education courses our Arts, Communications and Mathematics faculty members are currently being re-oriented in line with the CHED directives.

The uniqueness of FEATI lies in its founders’ vision to provide higher education with the resources in technology. This positions the students to be better prepared with industry leading company partnership while allowing each one to enjoy a balanced university life which includes sports that nurtures them to function competently and competitively as individuals and professionals.

Focused teaching allows our engineers and professionals with advanced degrees and /or extensive industry and commercial experience to concern themselves with teaching and training the junior and senior students.  This makes our graduates more prepared for their careers. Extensive linkages with industry and commerce reinforce the training and formation of our students.

To ensure that FEATINIANs benefit from their stay in the University, mentoring is delivered by selected faculty members in various departments.  The FEATI Peer Group and other upperclassmen also serve as mentors to other students.

In addition our students’ learning experience is further improved by the low student-teacher ratio allowing our faculty to deliver values-based education with a strong concentration on the basics, through critical thinking, and wherever possible, hands-on training of students in a multidisciplinary environment.

True to its commitment to be responsive to the needs of times and industry, FEATI has continuously evolved to produce competent professionals in the fields of Aeronautics, Engineering which now has the Railways specialization, Maritime, Architecture, Business and Tourism Management, Customs Administrations, Fine Arts, & Communications. To achieve this and assure the quality of its programs, FEATI University has pursued accreditation with PACUCOA, ISO, MARINA, CAAP and is gearing up for accreditation by the Philippine Technological Council in line with the Washington Accord.

The University has a long standing partnership with the Department of Science and Technology and the University Belt Consortium in research collaboration. Currently, FEATI University is heading a major DOST funded project on UAVs which involves the faculty and to a certain extent the students.

FEATI, as provider of higher education for nearly 75 years, is more than ever committed to every individual student, where our highly skilled and competitive professors provide access to one-on-one learning in an environment that utilizes both theoretical and simulation to latest technology, mentorship, and links to leading partner companies within the industry that are committed to providing an entry to a bright and rewarding career.

While any student’s experience in FEATI is unique and depends on how much the student wants to be engaged, the University  provides ample opportunities for a Great FEATI Experience through various regular events such as the S&T Expo, GradSPrep, Hot Air Balloon Festival, English Festival and other departmental academic and co-curricular activities.

Through the years, our graduates have become contributors to the nation’s economy both locally and globally.

FEATI University believes that by providing a wholistic experience from the academic perspective to the social, emotional and cultural dimensions, students become competent professionals who will contribute to the upliftment of the society and the national economy.

FEATI University offers educational programs starting from high school to various bachelor’s degrees in engineering, architecture, business, fine arts, maritime education, communication, and on to post graduate programs.

The University prepares and assists students for their careers by mentoring them beginning in high school through the bachelor’s programs and even in preparation for professional licensure examinations.  Aside from faculty, mentors are also industry practitioners and consultants who work with the University through linkages with industry, business, service and maritime sectors.

Theories and principles are tested and applied as FEATINIANs learn by doing in the workshops of the University and during their o­n-the-job training.

As a University, we foster unity in diversity in an institution where science is taught by science majors, mathematics by mathematics majors, social science by liberal arts majors and the arts by arts majors. This focused learning environment allows the professional teaching staff to be fully dedicated to their mission of educating and training the engineers, architects, businessmen, artists, marine engineers and merchant mariners.

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For more than 7 decades now, FEATI continues to be a strong foundation for a bright future!

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