Fragrance & Aroma Dynamics – by Urban Beauty Academy



This 2 days comprehensive fragrance course will enable staff to understand the required key knowledge of fragrance that includes :

  • Insight of various fragrance families and forms in the market.
  • Different scents of fragrance products in the market.
  • Pyramid construction & notes of fragrances.
  • Key ingredients used in fragrance products.
  • Understanding of Females and Males Personalities, and their choice of fragrances.
  • Understanding of fragrance routines and body line fragrance products.
  • Understanding of fragrance terminologies for ladies and men fragrances.
  • Knowledge of fragrance and layering trends.
  • Knowledge of home-made fragrance formulations.

At the end of the 2 days course, participants will be equipped with a basic understanding of fragrances, able with the appropriate techniques to communicate fragrance products, and formulate home-made fragrances.

Learners will be able to :  

  • Identify the various fragrance forms offered in the store.
  • Provide adequate advise on fragrance products.
  • Understand the fragrance routine and its terminologies.
  • Identify personalities and the right selection of fragrances for each personality.
  • Understand the fragrance pyramid constructions and able to formulate home-made fragrances, soaps or disinfectants.

Duration: 2 days (with 2 zoom sessions)

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