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The rapid development of Tablets, Smartphones and 4G networks in Vietnam has posed a requirement that the website interface must adapt to different types of devices, whether that person uses Iphone, iPad, netbook, etc. BlackBerry, Kindle… Moreover, the requirements for aesthetics, performance and usability on websites are increasingly demanding, to achieve such goals requires programmers to have good frontend programming skills. , this course is designed to satisfy all of the above requirements.

Time: 60 hours

Forms of training:

– Direct training in the classroom, training at the customer’s office upon request.

– Combine theory with practice in class.

– Students are required to complete the final project.

Course Objectives:

  After completing the course, students grasp the features, equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills:

– Advanced HTML5 HTML, website structure according to HTML5 standards, search engine optimization (SEO).

– Advanced CSS3, knowledge of responsive web design.

– Advanced JavaScript, event handling and user interaction.

– Jquery framework, bootstrap mobile web design

Subjects participating in the course

– Love the field of Web application development

– Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

ONLINE classes are also available, please contact us.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the course, please contact us.

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