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Thiri condo, Taw Win Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


The Fun and Learn Center started small with a mobile teaching group with a truck, initially taught in 7 public schools in 6 townships as an enrichment or after-school programs. With the gain of popularity, experience and requests from parents, the permanent center is rented in a commercial building to accept students from non-public schools system at the end of 2013.

In 2013, Soemoe Aung and Thinzar Kyi Aung, a husband and a wife who are originally from Myanmar, formed a STEAM learning center called Fun and Learn Center in Yangon, Myanmar, thousands of miles away from their hometown in PA, USA. They learned, from their two sons as they grow, new teaching methods including STEAM can help to lift a country from poor economic and social condition. The Myanmar’s education system, which is still somewhat in the colonial system, need a lot of help. Mr. Soemoe Aung is an Engineer and a programmer and has a background in Education Sector by working in the Myanmar Education Research Bureau, UNDP and UNESCO. With his experience of over 17 years in the telecommunication industry, they started the program which helps students to learn STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) as well as 21st -century skills and new learning methods.

Our impact numbers are measured in happiness and joy (elation). We believe knowledge and wisdom can’t be measured by the numbers, nor in a printed certificate. Our certificate to their success is written in the heart of those children.

Course :

Offering Science, Techology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Education and Art and Character education using NGSS and Common core standard (USA)

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