Fundamental Leadership Program

Jalan Paus No.84, RT.1/RW.8, Jati, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


Effective Communication and Human Relations

Look at the successful business people around you. You’ll find that they feel confident in their work and enthusiastic about getting things done, they inspire, and they empower others around them to succeed – they’re all involved in all aspects of their work and life. Dale Carnegie’s Fundamental Leadership Program is the only individual and corporate development training program that has been proven to make you more effective by increasing your engagement rate.

This training program will help you master the skills required in today’s competitive business environment. You will learn ways to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and deal with rapidly changing working conditions. You will also be better equipped to be a more persuasive speaker, creative problem solver and focused leader. And you will develop the courage to take the initiative with confidence and enthusiasm.


People at all levels in the company who want to maximize their performance, become better leaders and add value to the organization.

You will learn how to:

  • Improve your skills
  • Tackle complex challenges
  • Generating more better ideas
  • Skilled at reaching agreement
  • Using the five keys to success
  • Reapplying patterns of success
  • Determine personal breakthroughs and make plans to achieve them
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Out of the comfort zone ( comfort zone )
  • Implement a proven name-memory process
  • Reduce worry and fear
  • Applying the principles of human relations
  • Inspire others to do something

Fees : 6600000


  • Module 1
    Build a foundation for success
    Recall and use name
  • Module 2
    Build on our memory skills and enchance relationship
    Increase our self-confidence
  • Module 3
    Put enthausiams to work
    Recognize our achievements
  • Module 4
    Energize our communication
    Motivate others and enhance relationship
  • Module 5
    Put stress in perspective
    Unleash our full potential
  • Module 6
    Make ideas clear
    Think on our feet
  • Module 7
    Gain the willing cooperation with others
    Commit to influence others
  • Module 8
    Build others through recognition
    Realize the power of enthusiasm
  • Module 9
    Demonstrate leadership
    Develop more flexibility
  • Module 10
    Disagree agreeably
    Manage our stress
  • Module 11
    Be a Human Relations Champion
    Inspire others
  • Module 12
    Celebrate achievement
    Renew our goals


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