GEMS International School, Pearl City, Penang

GEMS International School Pearl City, Penang, Pusat Komersial Bandar Tasek Mutiara, 14120 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


At the centre of GIP are our students with their own needs, dreams, successes and challenges. We believe in the traditional values of good manners, respectful behaviour, and politeness. These are life skills of the utmost importance for our students, which we expect them to adopt, understand and welcome.

Children are a creation of the influences they experience at home as well as at school. Teachers and parents play key roles in this development and the partnership between them is of paramount importance. In partnership with our parents, we will always be there hand in hand with your child as they progress along their learning journey to adulthood and beyond

We place well-being at the heart of all we do. GIP offers a friendly, personal, caring and student-centred learning environment where your child is known and nurtured, and is able to flourish and thrive. Interwoven with our commitment to the very best education, is the vision to develop in our students a sense of inner decency, honesty and integrity. This balance will enable these future world citizens to steer their way through any unpredictable future challenges, and equip them to exhibit goodness and compassion with confidence.

Our emphasis is on learning and how students learn, rather than just content, and we place a great deal of importance on our students’ ability to work collectively, as well as independently, in developing their own thinking to challenge and be challenged in return. The School offers a friendly, student-centred learning environment where your child is placed at the heart of the learning process. International education should be founded on developing multiple skills which can be utilised in the future, rather than the acquisition of facts.

GIP places equal importance on children’s intellectual, personal and social development. We concentrate on four core areas throughout the School: academic excellence; development of the performing arts, commitment to sport; and engagement within our community.

GIP is an exhilarating, vibrant and fun place to be. Our promise to you is that in return for your trust and support, we will deliver confident, happy, polite, internationally-minded achievers ready to succeed in the future.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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