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Street 271, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


GenEvo Technology IT Professional Training Center is created on early year 2013 to comply with a significant demand of IT Skill in Cambodia Job market among finished high school, university and graduate student as well as IT related skill employee. GET also founded from resource shareholders with being expertise, certified and also reputable in the fields. 

Our Vision:

“Our center will help people in Cambodia to improve their IT skill with Regional and International standard qualification”


In order to help people in Cambodia to improve and have their IT skill with qualification mission points have been introduced:

– To be the leading IT Professional Center In Cambodia
– To provide IT Skill to the people becoming professional
– To empower vocational skill in IT in Cambodia
– To be qualify solution laboratory to support IT solution firm at SME and Enterprise
– To be IT skill mentor to freshmen students
GenEvo Technology have provided all IT professional course as below: 

1. Expert & Professional IT Skill 

Advanced Technology and Security are at the forefront of every CIO’s mind. Become the highly-skilled expertise and security professional they are looking for with the training in this area of expertise such as Cisco, Microsoft, Check Point, and EC Council Ethical Hacker etc., you’ll get the training you need to safeguard your network against debilitating cyber-attacks. 

2. Network Engineering Course

A basic understanding of networking fundamentals is an essential skill set for any IT pro. The Networking Level 1 area of expertise provides IT pros the skill set necessary for careers as network admins, network techs, help desk techs, and more. Start with entry-level training for networking technologies from Cisco, Microsoft, and Juniper Networks. Gain a thorough understanding of real-world subletting. This training also prepares students for certify.

Expand your networking expertise with the training in this area of expertise. IT pros need to know IPv6, because IPv4 is fast running out of addresses. Learning the ins and outs of IPv6 will help you implement and verify IPv6 in different infrastructures, no matter what vendor technology you’re working with.

System efficiency is the name of the game for a wireless admin. With the training in this area of expertise, you’ll learn to configure, deployment and troubleshoot wireless networks. 

3. System Administrator Course

System administrators are crucial, as they’re responsible for the deployment, configuration, and updating of servers. The training in this area of expertise can help you develop the skills you need to deliver everything from client computers to specific services to end users, across different environments. This training covers sysadmin fundamentals, including managing group settings and customizing tasks, to more in-depth material such as deploying a private cloud. If you aspire to be a SysAdmin or want to expand your existing skill set, this is the training for you

4. Web and Database Development Course

Want to create eye-catching, engaging web pages? A strong foundation in Photoshop can help you do exactly that. This area of expertise aims to provide you with the skills to design visually appealing web pages. In addition you’ll also learn web page layout staples such as HTML, CSS. This beginner-level training is useful in pursuing a career as a web developer.

5. IT Vocational Training Course

It’s more important than ever for companies to distinguish themselves what you need for developing any skill are among the vendors covered for daily operations requirement. 


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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