H/Art Academy

113 Oknha Nou Kan Street (St. 105), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


H/Art Academy is Cambodia’s first and only dedicated Gracie Jiu Jitsu academy and is the Cambodian representative for Axis Jiu Jitsu, Japan. We are are proud to represent the Rickson Gracie lineage here in Southeast Asia and strive to make this gentle art accessible to anyone regardless of social class, gender or age.

We started as a small group known as BJJ Cambodia, training in various locations across the city and together we sought to grow the popularity of the martial art within the kingdom. As the group grew, so did our desire to dedicate ourselves to the art. We wanted to build a place where people from all walks of life, Cambodian or foreign, could come and train together – no ego, no pride.

Today we have found a place to call home – H/Art Academy Jiu Jitsu. We see ourselves as a community gym, where families and friends can get together in a safe environment to learn and grow through the practice of Jiu Jitsu, a creative space where we can all let our passion for this art, flourish.

The academy focuses on grappling, both as a sport and as a form of self-defense. Whether you want to get a good physical workout; learn a new martial art for your own betterment; or aim to become a world champion, we want everyone to train so we’ve structured our classes to accommodate every level and all age groups.

We truly believe in the power Jiu Jitsu has to change people’s lives and it makes us confident that we can do the same for people here.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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