Habi Education Lab Philippines

27 Mayaman, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Habi was established on November 2014, by co-founders Gerson Abesamis, Clifton Esteban, and Karol Yee. We started as a professional development group for teachers, regularly organizing workshops and experimenting with different ways to bring more creativity in education. We co-created solutions to school problems, innovative teacher training programs, and lesson plans for boosting the creative confidence of students. We also lived and breathed design thinking ourselves; we were rough, quick, and entrepreneurial in our work, learning from each experience. Prototype after prototype, we re-discovered the impact of well-designed learning experiences not just to students, but to lifelong learners as well.

Together with our network of educators, we expanded our work from schools to non-profit organizations, government institutions, international development agencies, and private companies. Learning happens everywhere, and design has the potential to make it better for everyone.

Habi Education Lab makes well-designed learning experiences for everyone, from preschoolers to professionals. Our mission is to improve how people learn, building towards a creative, informed, socially just, and healthy society.

We use design thinking to create impact in these areas:

Learning Communities

We build educational resources to establish cultures of learning in different sectors and professions. We believe that learning should be fun and meaningful, even after school.

School Innovation

We redefine how students learn in schools, by building new curricula, lessons, tools, and systems. Throughout the process, we co-create with leaders, teachers, staff, parents, and of course, students.

Teacher Development

We strengthen teachers’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We utilize our unique knowledge of teacher professional development, and our own perspectives as educators.

Teams and Workplaces

We work with companies and organizations to co-create programs that bring about love for learning, well-being, and collaborative cultures.

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