Hanoi – Amsterdam High School

Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, Đường Hoàng Minh Giám, Trung Hòa Nhân Chính, Trung Hoà, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi, Vietnam


The school has received a new school, big, beautiful, spacious, with modern facilities, advanced and synchronous teaching equipment, worthy of a school with a long tradition of the capital. donation, hero. This is an educational work of great importance to the training and fostering of talents. At the same time, it is also a gift that the City Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee and the people of the capital give to Hanoi – Amsterdam High School in particular and the Hanoi education sector in general on the occasion of Thang Long land rounding one thousand. five years old.

Promoting the brilliant tradition of 25 years of construction and development, teachers and students of the school will try to continue writing golden pages of history, creating the image of a school that has the most modern facilities in the world. Capital, is both quality and comparable to the advanced high schools in the region and around the world.

We understand that the noble mission of Hanoi – Amsterdam is:

– Make wings for dreams: discover students with smart qualities, equip them with a solid scientific knowledge base, help them get acquainted with creative, effective and light learning methods. Light up the fire of enthusiasm, dreams of youth and passion for learning. Our desire is that in the future, they themselves will become good, successful citizens who love their homeland and country, have talents, and make a useful contribution to building the country in the future.

– Development and improvement of citizenship: the school will create the best conditions for students to develop life skills, independence, cultivate moral character, integrate into collective life, develop energy. gifted, creative mind, respectful ceremony, confidence in all social activities. These are important prerequisites for them to become useful citizens of the country.

– As a school of innovation and towards friends from five continents: the school prioritizes an open development model, on the one hand respects the necessary standards of a high school, on the other hand, promotes all possibilities. to organize the most advanced educational method, student-centered, turn the training process into self-training, always update achievements in educational science, science and technology to pioneer. rich content, teaching methods. The school also pays great attention to foreign affairs, exchanges, and friendship programs with domestic and international friends to exchange experiences, to build and perfect intellectual products for the target audience. students specialize and create an image of a regional high school that is reaching out to the world.

Looking back on the past journey, the school is proud of the achievements that it has achieved in the career of training and fostering talents for the country. But we also understand that it’s hard to build pride, and it’s harder to maintain and preserve that pride. On the threshold of a new stage of development, we are more and more aware of our great responsibility when we are trusted by the City Party Committee, the People’s Committee, the education sector as well as the people of the capital and the people of the country. More than ever, every member of the board of directors, every student sitting in the school chair as well as every alumni are contributing their efforts in every field, everywhere in the world, make an effort. strive, put all of our efforts to join hands to build the Hanoi-Amsterdam specialized high school into one of the prestigious schools of advanced education

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