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HarukaEdu provides e-learning solutions for corporates, universities, and individual professionals. It enables users to create courses, manage student’s data, and provides an integrated learning management system. Its offerings include digital courseware, study materials, IT infrastructure, and other operations. It has clientele like UAI, Labora, etc.

HarukaEDU has a vision to prepare a better future for the people of Indonesia through access to online education that is high quality, flexible, and easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

HarukaEDU offers technology solutions for universities, companies/institutions and individuals in designing online learning For universities, the services provided by HarukaEDU consist of developing IT systems, online content , help centers, operations, to student and lecturer recruitment.

For companies and institutions, HarukaEDU also has CorporateEDU which companies can use to provide training for their employees in a flexible and efficient manner, without being constrained by distance and time through online learning.

We believe online education is one of the best solutions to improve the quality of superior human resources in Indonesia. Through what we do, universities and companies/institutions can provide quality educational programs at a more efficient cost.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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