Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport

Ho Chi Minh City University of Transportation, Võ Oanh, Phường 25, Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh University of Transport (UT-HCMC) directly under the Ministry of Transport is the largest multidisciplinary training university in transportation sector in the South of Vietnam. UT-HCMC is responsible for training human resources for the transportation sector, namely maritime, road, inland waterway and railway.


On the scale of training: Over 15,000 students, trainees in all training levels system.

Forms of training: regular training, in-service training, inter-college transfer, transnational education short-term training courses for knowledge updating and professional development, and certification according to regulations.

Levels and Majors:

1. Doctorate level:

– Control Techniques and Automation, Motive Power Techniques, Marine Science, Transport Construction Techniques

2. Master level:

– Marine Science (Ship navigation, Maritime management);

– Transport management and operations;

– Control techniques and Automation;

– Motive power techniques (Ship techniques, Ship Operations and maintenance, Automotive mechanics);

– Transport construction techniques (Bridge and Tunnel construction, Urban road construction, Transport techniques and planning);

–  Waterway and offshore construction techniques;

–  Computer Science

3. Undergraduate level with the following majors:

  Marine Science (Major code: 52840106) with the following specialized majors:

– Ship navigation (Major code: 52840106101)

– Marine Engineering (Major code: 52840106102)

– Marine Engine Power System (Major code: 52840106103)

– Maritime Management (Major code: 52840106104)

 Electrical and Electronic Engineering, including:

–  Electrical and Electronic Technique (Major code: 52520201) with 02 specialized majors:

–  Maritime Electrical and Automation Engineering

– Industrial Electrical Engineering

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (Major code: 52520207) (specialized major: Electronics and Telecommunication)

– Control Techniques and Automation (Major code: 52520216) (specialized major: Industrial Automation)

 Ship Techniques (Major code: 52520122) with the following specialized majors:

– Hull design

– Shipbuilding technology

– Waterway and Offshore Construction

Mechanical Engineering (Major code: 52520103) with the following specialized majors:

– Mechanization of Cargo Handling

– Automobile Mechanics

– Building Machinery

– Automation mechanics

 Construction Techniques (Major code: 52580201) with the following specialized majors:

– Civil and Industrial Construction

– Building structure

– The ground technique and underground structure

  Transport Construction Techniques (Major code: 52580205) with the following specialized majors:

– Waterway and Offshore Construction

– Bridge and Tunnel Construction

– Road Construction

– Transport techniques and planning

– Railroad and Metro Construction

 Information Technology (Major code: 52480201)

 Telecommunication & Computer Network (Major code: 52480102)

 Transport Economics (Major code: 52840104) (specialized major: Sea Transport Economics)

 Construction Economics (Major code: 52580301) with the following specialized majors:

– Construction Economics

– Construction Project Management

 Transport Operations (Major code: 52840101) (specialized major: Logistics Management and Multi-Modal Transport)

 Environmental Engineering (Major code: 52520320)

4. Transnational education: 

– Collaborating with Tongmyong University, Korea in the specialized major: Port Management and Logistics

– Collaborating with Arkansas University, USA in the 03 specialized majors: Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

5. High-quality program with the following specialized majors:

– Marine Science (specialized major: Ship navigation) (Major code: 52840106101H)

– Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (specialized major: Electronics and Telecommunication) (Major code: 52520207H)

– Mechanical Engineering (specialized major: Automobile Mechanics) (Major code: 52520103H)

– Transport Construction Techniques (specialized major: Bridge and Road Construction) (Major code: 52580205H)

– Construction Economics (Major code: 52580301H)

– Transport Economics (specialized major: Sea Transport Economics) (Major code: 52840104H)

– Transport Operations (specialized major: Logistics Management and Multi-Modal Transport) (Major code: 52840101H)


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