Hoang Nguyen Academy

43/4 Đường Thành Thái, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Hoang Nguyen Academy is a business training and coaching unit in the field of Digital and the fields of Startup, business administration. HNA’s training programs focus on researching practical knowledge, knowledge from major economies in the world, bringing knowledge about application in businesses, helping Vietnamese businesses access With the latest, simplest and most standard knowledge in business administration, internet marketing helps businesses develop closer to the world economy.

Established in 2008, HNA has implemented many training and coaching programs in changing the perception of businesses, helping businesses boldly apply new technologies and knowledge in online marketing, helping to elevate their businesses. businesses, change businesses. Up to now, HNA has trained nearly 2,700 businesses and more than 10,000 students majoring in Online Marketing and Communication, contributing to the development of high-quality human resources for businesses.

In 2016, Hoang Nguyen had access to the latest knowledge in corporate governance from Action Coach, a business training course from the UK, the world’s best corporate governance training unit that helps change the world. whole thinking of the management team, thereby raising the business level, bringing Hoang Nguyen to a new height and new orientation.

With the mission: ” Bring knowledge with new, smart, simple and standard thinking ” to businesses, HNA continuously learns, cooperates, researches highly applicable courses, applies ideas The only new technology in training and coaching the company’s senior personnel, thereby changing the business in management and business, especially marketing.


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