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Who is this course suitable for?

The threat of Information Security insecurity (ATANTT) is permanently present around individuals and organizations and businesses. Losses from these hazards are greater than we thought and sometimes impossible to estimate, including damages to customer trust, the reputation of the organization, and other opportunities and legal damages.

Through the course, students can understand the importance of ATANTT as well as the consequences once ATANTT is not complied with. The course not only provides a panoramic view of ATANTT for non-IT users, but also provides the necessary knowledge for a safer digital life. Therefore, this course is especially useful for:

End users, using computers and Smartphones in work and personal life in the role of:

  • Director/head of operations of the organization.
  • Heads, department staff/ risk management.
  • People who are in contact, use computers and smartphones regularly.
  • IT administrators of a corporation.

Or to say otherwise:

  • Participants in activities and transactions that use computer networks and the Internet.
  • The person responsible for approving the operation budget or professional process of the organization.
  • Contacts of external subjects (population, enterprises, organizations) through administrative procedures via network, management of records data, interaction with relevant departments.
  • People who regularly use computers and Smartphones.

Why should you take this course?

Raise end-user ATANTT awareness, making it possible for them to:

  • Help identify permanent ATANTT risks that threaten the operation and assets of an enterprise/organization in its day-to-day operations.
  • Better coordinate with relevant departments when proposing and implementing ATANTT projects.
  • Have good enough knowledge to protect yourself in your daily work and personal digital life.

How is the program designed?

The program is designed from an overview of information security and real stories, thereby deepening the skills and support tools to help students apply the best in practice.

The course is wrapped in 1 session with a duration of 3 hours.

Requirements for students

  • Take the course at the right place, time and schedule as prescribed.
  • Comply with class rules.
  • Have a spirit of cooperation, participate in building lessons, teamwork with class members and lecturers.

Location of study

NetPro Academy, No. 09, Trung Pol, Dong Da, Hanoi. Or a specific location is notified before the start of school.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or would like more information about the course, please contact us via: (84) 909 310 768 or (84) 903 746 294 Email: [email protected]

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