Institut Pasteur du Laos (IPL)

Embassy of India, Vientiane, Laos


IPL is the result of a long term and joint decision between Lao Ministry of Health and Institut Pasteur Paris which commits to stay 16 years before retroceding the full management of IPL. Sustainability will be achieved by preparing a new generation of Lao doctors and scientists to fill key positions as heads of laboratories and administration at IPL.

IPL has a mandate from Lao Ministry of Health to fulfil activities of public service :
1. Research and diagnostic on emerging infectious diseases and vector borne diseases
2. Training, Education and Capacity building
3. Technical assistance to National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology ( NCLE) for investigation of epidemics

IPL benefits from a large degree of autonomy (legal, scientific, management, financial) and as such can be considered as a new model of Lao public institution. All the ownership belongs and remains the property of Lao PDR.

IPL has a scientific autonomy within its mandate provided by the MoH. It is able to engage freely in collaborative research and investigations with other Lao and international research and public health organisations.

Financial issues are independent from the Lao public finance system. IPL is able to receive outside funding (donations, grants, bequeaths, etc.) and to generate its own resources through its own discoveries to insure its sustainability.


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Institut Pasteur du Laos (IPL)
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