Integrated Holistic Yoga workshop by Himalayan International Yoga Center

Integrated Holistic Yoga workshop by Himalayan International Yoga Center



This workshop will focus on giving the participants clear understanding of the philosophy on the following topics:-

  • Concept of “Yoga” and definitions from our ancient texts and authorities.
  • Concept of “Human Body” according to Yogic Science . (Which is different from Modern Science /Medicine).
  • Benefits of Yoga for “TOTAL BODY” i.e for all the 5 components of the Total body-Physical body ,Vital energy body/Breathing body,Mind body Knowledge body and Bliss body.
  • Complete Process of Yoga -Karma Yoga,Bhakthi Yoga,Jnana Yoga ,Raja Yoga.
  • 8 parts of Raja Yoga -Asanas/Postures is one of these 8 parts

Note:Asanas/Postures is only one part of the “Total Process” of the Integrated Holistic Yoga


This workshop will also train participants to understand the theory and techniques and to apply it properly when practicing.This will enable them to practice on their own at home and to live a yoga way of happy stress free life.


For Physical Body :

Yogic Loosening Exercises,Yogic Energising Exercises,Postures (Asanas),Cleansing Techniques (Kriyas),Mudras,Proper Diet, Sun Salutation Exercises,Yogic Walking

For Breathing Body :

Deep Breathing Exercises,Synchronizing Breathing Exercises, Pranayamas (Yogic Breathing),Involving Breathing Techniques while doing all Yogic Exercises.

For Mind Body :

Instant Relaxation Techniques (IRT),Quick Relaxation Techniques (QRT),Deep Relaxation Techniques (DRT),Cyclic Meditation (CM),Mind Sound Resonance Techniques (MSRT),Devotional Sessions/Kirtan (Emotional culturing),Pranic Energization Techniques (PET),OM Meditation ,Involving Mind while doing all Yogic Exercises.

For Knowledge Body :

Yoga Philiosophy -Lectures, Yogic Counseling,Notional corrections,Involving Knowledge body while doing all Yogic Exercises.

For Bliss Body :

Smiling Exercises .Laughter Yoga, Action in Blissful Awareness, Involving Smile While doing all Yogic Exercises.

The above mentioned techniques when practiced regularly will relax the Physical Body,slow down the rate of Breathing ,calm down the Mind and establish Bliss.

The 4 Cardinal rules of Yoga-

  • Slow down the Breathing
  • Calm down the Mind
  • Relax the Body
  • Maintain a Smile


According to W.H.O Health is not a mere absence of diseases or infirmary but is a state of well being at the Physical,Mental,Social and Spiritual levels. Holistic Integrated Yoga is not a mere “work out” for the Physical body .It is work out and work in for the TOTAL BODY.

*Hormonal balance *Reducing breathing rate *Strengthening of Immune system *Elimination of Stress *Prevention and management of all Psychosomatic diseases *Toning of the body *Strengthening the muscles *Toning internal organs *Regulating metabolism *Elimininating the Fat *Maintainig proper Weight ,Figure and Fitness *Mind and Emotional control*Personality development at Physical ,Mental,Intellectual ,Emotional and Spiritual levels *Removing Toxins *Cleansing internal organs including Lungs *Maintaining Energy levels *Eliminating Physical ,Mental and Emotional stress *Increasing Creativity,Memory and Intelligence *Slowing down the Ageing Process and many more…..

At the end of the workshop participants will understand and feel the difference between Physical level exercises and Practicing Yoga in all 5 levels (Integrated Holistic Yoga )-The correct way of practicing Yoga according to ancient texts.


All those who want to learn and practice Holistic Integrated Yoga-Yoga students ,Yoga practitioners,Yoga teachers ,all those who want to live a stress free happy life.

Please contact us for more information.

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