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21 Hẻm 12/2/5 Đặng Thai Mai, Quang An, Tây Hồ, Hanoi, Vietnam


The ATH offers intensive drama training course based on acting techniques and methods that promote the body as a starting point and as a primary tool.  

These courses offer complete training for the actor both in the technique of acting on stage and for the work environment, in which the actor is required to evolve. This will give the students the necessary keys to search for their own theatre, in order to assert their artistic personalities, supported by a solid theatrical culture. 

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Age: from 16 years old

Duration: 2 years

Schedule: 30 hours of class per week

First year program:

  • Physical and vocal preparation
  • Martial arts, understanding and training your body
  • Actors’ creative imagination
  • Study of classical and contemporary texts
  • Deepening of actors’ ethics (finding one’s own ethics).
  • Learning classical theatre history
  • Improvisation classes
  • Drama classes: directing, learning the different codes
  • Initiation to other performing arts practices: dance, music, visual arts, writing, and scenography
  • Learning how to learn: how to unite a group around a creation, how to transmit knowledge
  • Administration and production: overview of studies, professions, legislation and administrative conditions of entertainment industry in Vietnam and Europe.


  • Every month students will present in a public cabaret of improvisation and theatre
  • During the year, students will give a presentation on the discipline aspect of their choice among those covered in the course.
  • At the end of the year, students will present a live performance staged by their teachers

Second year program:

  • As the second year is devoted to having each student specify his or her professional future objectives and artistic choices, class time will be reduced in favour of time for personal creation and assistance in teaching or directing.
  • Perfect actors’ body techniques:
  • Develop connections between conscious, unconscious, and body intelligence.
  • Education on the well-being and essential maintenance of the mechanical body
  • Theoretical study of modern theatre history
  • Practical improvisation: reflection of previously learned forms and creation of new forms of improvisation
  • Drama classes: setting up your own production
  • Deepening of a parallel artistic discipline chosen at the end of the first year
  • Teaching or directing assistance to groups of children and adults
  • The actor and the real world: performances and interventions in public space to establish the mastery of different acting styles
  • Theoretical research carried out throughout the year on a training subject chosen by the student in consultation with their teachers.


  • Each month either solo or in groups, students will present a personal creation: reading, writing, improvised cabaret act, or short theatrical form.
  • An end-of-course festival will bring together productions of students. Each will receive a personal theme from which they will create a live performance to conclude the two years of teaching and affirm their individual style and artistic choices.
  • In addition, students will present their theoretical research as carried out throughout the year in the form of a lecture

The training is validated by continuous monitoring of students’ work and evaluation of their public presentations (lectures, creations, and performances) by their teachers.

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