International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences

Narsan BLDG., 3 West 4th, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences (IAAS) was organized in 2009 and the preparation for it’s launch took more than 5 years of extensive research and development.
The academy is owed and managed by it’s incorporators who are well respected in the fields of Business and Medical Practice.
The International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences (IAAS) is a premiere training Institution that offers wide variety of certificate courses, short term programs, and modular practical training with focus on Aesthetic Science.
The Aesthetic Industry continues to surge all over the world and the demand for the said services constantly rises. With this comes the need for capable and skillful workers, most in demand of which are nurses. Outside the country, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Nurses as a Nursing Specialty has become in demand therefore, Philippine Nurses should not be left out. Thus, our Institute has initiated the training of our Nursing Graduates to give them better employment opportunities and be able to suitably apply their educational attainment.
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