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Lino Cafe, Jalan Utan Jati, RT.8/RW.12, Kalideres, West Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


In this class you will learn with structured and tested materials about what is needed to create a program and how to create a program from scratch.

After this class, it will be easier to understand how to use different programming languages and have the basic logic of creating a program. The basic steps to becoming a programmer begin in this class.

This class is perfect for those of you who:

  • Want to dive into programming
  • Preparing to enter IT courses
  • IT lecture but still confused coding
  • Never had IT, coding or programming experience
  • Learn IT self-taught but want to strengthen the basics
  • Career demands for programming

What are the intro to programming classes?

-Introduction to JavaScript

Get acquainted with the JavaScript programming language that will later be used in the learning process

-Understanding the Program Flow

Learn to understand basic logic about how a program works

-Conditional Programming

Learn to understand how to add conditions in a program


Learn to understand how to repeat a specific part of a program


Learn the various functions used in the programming process


Learn to understand how to store values in an array

-String Manipulation

Learn to manipulate text (add, change, delete, and so on)

-Case Studies & Exercises

Learn to apply programming to train logic and deepen understanding

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