iScan Diagnostic Center

iScan Diagnostic Center, Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


iScan Diagnostic Center is the most advanced outpatient medical imaging service provider in the Philippines. We believe that medical imaging plays a key role in diagnosis and treatment and strive to make the latest technologies more affordable and accessible to more people.

iScan Diagnostic Center is an outpatient healthcare center specializing in advanced medical imaging services. Our center offers an extensive suite of medical diagnostic imaging services led by a dynamic and patient-focused medical team composed of experienced physicians and well-trained technologists.

Medical Imaging plays a critical role in diagnosis and treatment in 3 key areas :

Early Diagnosis

Disease screening, early detection and diagnosis is key to successful disease management. Medical Imaging has aided  physicians to identify diseases before they reach much more severe or life-threatening stages.

Precise Medicine

Access to medical imaging enables physicians to identify and understand diseases more accurately. This helpst hem to have a better insight to a patient’s condition, allowing them to provide timely and precise medication.

Personalized Treatment

Medical imaging enables evidence based decision making that are specific to the patient’s disease condition. It helps physicians see whether treatments are working as intended and adapt changes to the treatment if necessary

Services :

Diagnostic Imaging

Nuclear Medicine

Cardiac Diagnostics


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