Chan Aye Thar San Township Court, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)


  • The first Sasana Zwana Buddhist Academy in Ayeyarwaddy Region was established in 1380 under the guidance of Sayadaw Bhaddanta Zawanawan Mahatheri, Principal of the Dakkhinaryon (Mahadwara) School. Nayon Full Moon Day 2008 Established on May 29, the teaching and learning administration is taught by lecturers from Mandalay-Yangon Buddhist University.
  • Zawana Buddhist Academy is also the educational branch of the Mandalay-Yangon Buddhist University.
  • The course will be divided into two categories: those who have passed the first grade and those who have not.
  • Diploma courses All BAMA classes are open from the first day of the full moon. The second part will open on the 1st day of the new moon.
  • Exams will be held on the 1st day of the full moon of Tan Saung Mon.
  • Individuals can also attend.
  • English courses are also available for monks and nuns who want to become proficient in English.

Objectives :

(a) To produce BA, MA graduates.
(B) To teach monks and nuns who have not yet completed long-term missionary training in other cities, led by these graduate monks.
(C) To open short-term missionary training courses in urban areas under the leadership of these graduate monks and to teach Buddhism and English to individuals.
(D) To work together with Sayadaka for the promotion of Buddhism with the purpose of knowing the Dhamma well and helping.
(E) It aims to become a model, stable and peaceful Myanmar by working together in this way.

Ongoing Courses
1. Monks, nuns and individuals who fail the first grade must first take a one-year Basic Diploma Course.
2. If you pass the Basic Diploma Course, you will be able to teach Advanced Diploma Courses for two years, and if you pass the course, you will be awarded the Advanced Diploma (PSE) degree.
3. If you continue to study for 2 years BA Courses, you will get BA (Buddhism Missionary) BA (Indo Aryan) Bhasantara Seya Dhamma Degree 
. If you continue to study for 3 years MA courses, you will get MA (Buddhism Missionary) MA (Indo Aryan), Bhasantarase Bachelor Degree.

Course :

  • MA (Indo-Aryan) Bachelor of Arts (7 years)
  • MA (Buddhism) Missionary Degree (8) years
  • MA (Indo-Aryan) Bachelor of Arts (4 years)
  • MA (Buddhism) Missionary degree (5) years
  • Advanced Diploma (PSE) 2 years / 3 years
  • Basic Diploma (PABE) Degree (1 year)

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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