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Economics can be a daunting subject to JC students, especially those who have just entered JC 1. For many students, economics is a very new and foreign subject. Some struggle to understand the economics concepts and eventually lose interest in the subject. In fact, economics is a very useful subject to understand real-world economics situations and is not difficult at all with the right guidance of a good economics tuition.

JC Economics Tuition Centre was established in the year 2012 by one of Singapore’s best economics tutor, Mr Anthony Fok. At our principal tutor Anthony Fok’s Economics tuition, he can assure that students will find interest in the economics subject and do well in their examinations. With his experience as a former Ministry of Education school teacher, his teaching skills ensures that his delivery of the subject content are seamless and effective. He ensures that every lesson is not only enjoyable but effective in equipping students with the economics answering techniques. Through his economic tuition lessons, students will be able to write our mature arguments with economic principles to make economic decisions and to draw a connection between the real-world economics situations. JC Economics tuition has produced many successful students who have excelled in economics and have gone to further their studies in prestigious universities.

We also understand the stress that students face in their promotional and A-level examinations. With so much content in hand, the syllabus can become too overwhelming for students. JC Economics tuition has designed Intensive Revision Programmes for both JC1 and JC2 students to prepare for the examinations. These Intensive Revision tuition lessons are specially tailored to cover all the important topics in the syllabus and to develop skills to answer higher response questions in examinations. Student will be taught how to apply the strategies to answer various question types effectively and to highlight important points and common mistakes during the economics examinations. These lessons aim to allow students to master their critical and analytical skills to ace their economics examinations. Come join Anthony Fok, who provides one of the best economics tuition experience in Singapore!

To ensure a high quality of delivery, all lessons are fully conducted by Mr Anthony Fok, one of Singapore’s “top 5 most sought-after Super Tutors”, featured on the local Sunday Times newspapers.
A former Ministry of Education (MOE) school teacher, Mr Anthony Fok has several years of teaching experience in various schools. He is well versed in guiding students to answer tough examination questions and has written numerous Economics guidebooks sold in Singapore and overseas.

Our weekly Economics tuition lessons give students ample revision and techniques on answering case studies and essays. Detailed notes and essay structures are given for students to gain a better grasp of examination requirements. Mr Anthony Fok often highlights the latest microeconomics and macroeconomics news events that happen both locally and overseas. This will give students real-world knowledge so that they can apply their content knowledge to answer examination questions on these issues. Recent events such as the USA subprime crisis and Eurozone crisis are also covered in the lessons.

By attending Mr Anthony Fok’s Economics classes, students will be able to see the inter-linkages between the various topics and critically analyse the examination questions. The results that JCEconomics.com produces are evident. Majority of our students score ‘A’s and ‘B’s in the A-level examinations. Join us to experience the joy of learning Economics now!


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