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2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Jonas Golf Academy, Golf Range, Bukit Batok, Singapore 659003, Singapore


Jonas Golf Academy provides quality Golf Lessons in Singapore to all levels. We conduct kid/junior Golf lessons, beginner Golf lesson, intermediate Golf lessons and customized Golf lessons. Jonas Golf Academy also organizes golf clinic for corporate events that caters to their needs. Our qualified professional Golf Instructors will impart their experiences and knowledge with state of the art technology and video analysis demostrations to enhance the learning experience for your Golf lessons.

The learning experience for the Golf students should be fun and enjoyable at all levels, especially so for kids and junior Golfers. As kids’ focus span are short; our Golf lessons are designed to be fun to keep their interests focused. Activities are organized in such that it will encourage creativity, competitiveness and strategic thinking.

Golf Lessons

Lesson 1
Golf introduction & orientation

Stance and 1/4 swing

Lesson 2 1/2 and 3/4 swing and weight transfer with follow through
Lesson 3 Full swing with proper swing plane, spine angle and balance finish
Lesson 4 Timing, impact and proper release
Lesson 5 Introduction to wood swing and pre shot analysis
Lesson 6 Theory for golf etiquette and rules
Lesson 7
Mental preparation for on course with wood and iron swing.

Swing fault detection and correction for both Iron and wood

Lesson 8, 9 Course orientation, basic chipping, putting and play
Lesson 10 Analysis of swing and play during course.

Lesson 1
Video analysis of swing and corrections

Lesson 2 Focus on swing plane and spine angle with techniques and impact
Lesson 3 Introduction to driver and long iron with timing and rhythm
Lesson 4 Timing, impact and proper release
Lesson 5 Course management theory and game play at range
Lesson 6 Approach shot from different distance
Shots for rough and fairway bunker
Lesson 7 Uneven lies shot Uphill and downhill shot, ball above and below feet shot
Lesson 8, 9 On Course management
Lesson 10 Summary of individual flaws and corrections with improvement on game

The express and intensive course will be conduct oversea in a fun and challenging course like a golf camp. The training conducted will be focus primary on the course management, mental and understanding and knowing individual weakness and strong area. The course will include 3 X 18 holes games. The fun and challenging course will prepare the students for attaining the golf handicap.

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