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Chaeng Wattana-Parkkred 19 Alley, Bangkok, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand


Kauai School of Music was founded in 1956 and has developed over 60 years. We have created the joy of learning music. And we continue to research non-stop to find the joy of learning music with many students.

How does music relate to young children?

The history of Kauai learning is not just about learning music. But it will also create other areas of the child’s development.

The main purpose of learning music is not to focus directly on skills. But we will build from the relationships and emotions conveyed by the teachers. to fit each child To build a good relationship with music in the future.


Kawai Music School believes that music is the language that The best communication between teachers, children and parents for children from 1 year.

All classes in this class do not use CDs or electronic teaching materials. but will use the piano played by the teacher to play the harmonious composition (Accompaniment) The teacher will play according to the rhythm of the children.

Looking for age-appropriate courses?

GROUP ONLY is a course that is taught as a group. Suitable for ages 1-4 years.

INDIVIDUAL is a one-on-one course. Suitable for ages 4 and up.

For 1 year olds, which is the most important period of physical development. Coordinating the 5 senses, at Coo Chan Land, we use music as a medium to touch the body and mind between children and their parents and teachers.

Kulu Kulu Club We use music to develop using a classroom atmosphere. There are storytelling with music to create imagination between images and sounds. There are music games for children to play.

Hello Music for 3-4 year olds In this class you will increase your piano skills by using Rhythmic and Solfeggio as a means of teaching to immerse yourself in rhythms by exposing the body to Melody and Rhythm.

The Sound Tree Piano Course is a solution for learners who want to seriously improve their piano skills. with a curriculum that lays the foundation for learners from the start.

Please contact us for more information about the courses.

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