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Club One Opera, One opera Danang holtel, 115 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Hải Châu District, Da Nang, Vietnam


Kelsey Consulting M&A is an American-Vietnamese company dedicated to facilitating ethical and forward-looking businesses to safely establish and conduct commerce in Vietnam.

The objective of KELSEY Consulting M&A in Mergers and Acquisitions is to consult and provide businesses with the best M&A options for long-term, efficient development, legal matter solution and participation in an agreement to achieve common benefits for businesses.

Our specialty is in project development and management, including design, construction and operations. We give strategic, calculated decisions in both the short and long run which will help them create value and enhance efficiency for the investor and company over time.

Kelsey Consulting M&A is a pioneer in Architecture in Vietnam. We discover and create a distinguished voice for every construction we design. They reflect character, aspiration as well as orient the aesthetics in architecture style for the world. 

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