​KIT101 Art is a fresh, modern approach to teaching traditional art and techniques. We develop your visual communication skill by teaching you art fundamentals in a progressive manner that encourages individual expression.

At KIT101, you’ll go deep into art, design and creativity by breaking free from limiting perceptions. We offer calisthenics for your hands and mind to help you create a fresh way of thinking and execution of ideas (i.e. mark making) allowing students of different ages and abilities to explore creative possibilities.

Online Classes:

-Chibi Art
Learn to see relationship of lines and shapes, reckon measurements, edit and reconstruct, make decisions artistically and simplify figures in the form of Chibi art. Often found in anime, this distinct, Japanese-originated art movement is useful for creating fun atmospheres. Use it to decorate your journal, make comic strips or incorporate to your fine arts adventure. Know the basics and start creating your Chibi world!

-Fantasy Characters
Inspire your creative circuit in creating fantasy characters! This class allows you to draw people and creatures found in the enchanted and magical worlds of a fictional story. Know the qualities of a successful protagonist, antagonist, heroine, monster, sci-fi, and mechanical beings as you reinforce your skill to recognize and apply edges, lines, angles, sizes, and proportions. Basic activities are done on the first modules. As the program advances, the difficulty and complexity level up!

Envision Art Camp
Let your imagination take form in our class. This module provides children with exercises to stimulate creative thinking and develop resourcefulness through artistic prompts and media manipulation such as art on cracks, mandala forms, clay portrait, inventive pigments and paper collage. It also gives a foundation for learning basic art concepts, movements and different artists. When we operate day in and day out in the same environment, we often fall into the pattern of looking but not seeing. Learn to see ordinary objects in a new way–think out of the box and appreciate art in your everyday life.

This theme-based and structured art course is divided into 5 modules. One module has 10 sessions and runs for 1 hour and 10 minutes each time. We have classes for 6 years old and up, also for 4 to 5 years old.

-The Art of Hand Lettering
Learn the art of hand lettering by exploring different letterforms. Explore modern calligraphy in a variety of styles using different tools and materials. Aside from experimenting on different fonts and compositions, you will be guided on a step-by-step process in creating hand-lettered artworks that you can either hang on your wall, use as t-shirt designs, or decorate on a gift card. Just pick up your pencil, grab a piece of paper and let’s start!

This theme-based, structured art course is divided into 5 modules. One module has 10 sessions and runs for 1 hour and 10 minutes each time. Activities are ideal for teens and kids not younger than 8 years old.

-Gouache Painting
Explore and appreciate the characteristics, versatility and techniques of water-soluble and opaque paints! In this course, make your first strokes by carrying out experiments on how to reactivate paints when dry. Learn basic brushstroke styles and how to apply colors in various technical ways to create textures. No previous knowledge is necessary! This step-by-step class teaches you how to identify geometric figures in plants, animals and objects all the way to creating a composition. Discover how knowing this painting style can produce so many versatile, sometimes unexpected appearances on paper!

This theme-based, structured art course is divided into 5 modules. One module has 10 sessions running for 1 hour and 20 minutes each. We have classes for teens, adults and kids not younger than 8 years old.

Art 101 is a technical course in understanding and applying the elements and principles of design—the building blocks of art. The course begins with proto-drawing non-representational forms then transitions to familiar subjects such as still life, flora, fauna, portrait and figure. This step-by-step course offers a variety of exercises using line art, hatching, shading and pointillism, while teaching concepts like qualities of lines, balance, dominance, unity, etc. With the right materials, techniques, patience and diligence, you can confidently bring your artistic skill to the next level!

This curriculum-based, structured art course is divided into 6 modules. Each module has 10 sessions running 1 hour and 20 minutes each time. This course is ideal for 13 years old to adults. Kids ages 10-12 with good observational skills and a mature approach to learning may be allowed to join this program.

-Acrylic Painting
Familiarize yourself with the qualities of acrylic paint by learning the traditional techniques of underpainting, impasto, and glazing. Don’t let these terms intimidate you! This program provides step-by-step methods that allow every student to create a visually compelling composition.

We will begin by constructing a draft of the reference in order to produce an accurate underpainting. From there, we will learn how to achieve tonal values through color mixing. Finally, through the application of impasto and glazing, you will learn how strategic color placements can produce eye-catching illusions of depth.

This curriculum-based, structured painting course is divided into 5 modules. Each module has 10 sessions running for 1 hour and 20 minutes each time. Perfect for 13 years old to adults with beginner or advanced skills.

-Anime Illustration
Create genuine and unique characters in the styles of anime! We will begin by understanding the most popular styles such as Shonen, Shojo, Seinen, Kodomomuke and Fan Art. Here we will break down the basics you need to know before delving into the eclectic and fantastic world of Japanese Graphic Art. Aside from creating stylistic characters, this class will cover the fundamental principles of systematic drawing, starting with building guidelines. From there, learn to draw the core anatomy then sketching of details. Lastly, render the drawing through the application of tones, colours and textures. A young adventurous hero, a hearty female character, or children in a whimsical neighborhood–this program will inspire you to try creating them all!

This curriculum-based, structured art course is divided into 5 modules. Each module has 10 sessions running for 1 hour and 10 minutes each time. Perfect for 10 years old and above.

Studio programs are available please contact us for more information.

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