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Labuan International School, Labuan, Labuan Federal Territory, Malaysia


Labuan International School (LIS) is the first and only private international school in Labuan. We are here to provide guidance to children on the road to a lifetime of academic and aesthetics opportunities. With more than 20 years of excellent achievements, LIS continues to nurture the children in their Mind, Body and Soul to help them to develop into well­ balanced individuals. In LIS, the children are always taught to strive for excellence and inculcated with the belief that nothing is impossible when the mind is willing. 

At Labuan International School we strive to instill essential values in our students, namely creativity, critical thinking, confidence and independence, in order to prepare our students to become well-rounded global citizens, a concept we strive to inculcate in our students starting from their kindergarten life at LIS. We continuously provide opportunities to all children, developing their multifaceted intelligence, through organising and participating in various Mind, Body and Soul activities that enhance and enrich their learning experience throughout their school life with us. We appreciate the uniqueness of every single child; each student has their own interests, talents and individual way of learning, which is why our dedicated teachers ensure our students not only enjoy their lessons but also learn in the way they learn best by applying differentiated teaching methods whereby lessons become more individualized.

Our small class size enables our teachers to really get to know their students as individuals and create meaningful relationships, this has a great impact on their learning experience on our campus. 

The learning process is supported by a conducive environment: a campus located by the serene beach at Kg Tg Aru equipped with world-class facilities. Our spacious and attractive school grounds and facilities enhance student life by giving them the best possible backdrop to their educational journey.

LIS, in meeting the desired standards, provides Reception, Primary and Secondary levels with both National and International curricula hence offering parents the choice of a very much sought after education for their children that resonates 21st Century Learning for the world of global communication and opportunities. 

With the winning edge in education, the credibility of the School is further enhanced with its line up of academic staff. LIS has spared no effort and resources in engaging teachers who are qualified, professional, dedicated and trustworthy. The teachers are constantly upgrading themselves­ improving their teaching skills and techniques as well as enhancing their knowledge through development courses conducted by established local teaching institutes and the University of Cambridge.

LIS in line with its objectives, focuses on meeting the needs of all students through programmes tailored for individual needs in an open classroom without boundaries. The School has continuously embraced new ideas and state­-of-­the-­art technology including having embarked on a Virtual Learning Environment platform which is a student­-centred, one to one learning programme that engages students and develops in enthusiasm for lifelong learning. LIS is the ultimate choice for a balanced education of the Mind, Body and Soul.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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