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Welcome to Little Baby (LB) Advanced English in Bangkapi. My obligation is to provide very affordable classes that guarantee substantial improvements in English abilities.

Take a look at common grammatical mistakes, the corrected sentences, and justifications, and the writing formulas that will be useful to ensure your success in writing short and long essays.  Also take advantage of free classes for adults and teenagers and the economically priced longer classes that are offered. Whether you need Advanced English Grammar, Vocabulary, Exposition, Conversation, TOEFL, IELTS, Business Writing, Spoken English, we are here for you.  

I teach critical reading, writing, and literature classes to international and Thai students on an undergraduate and graduate level at Ramkhamhaeng University.  My Master’s degree is in the humanities, classical books in the Western canon in the fields of literature, philosophy, social science, and science.  My book of poetry is in libraries in the United States and much of my work is on the Online Book Page at the University of North Carolina.


Reading and Discussion of Contemporary Events for Elementary Adult Learners (EB:1A)
Using the web sites “News in Levels” and special English improvement programs on “Voice of America” to explain world events.
Adult Early Beginner Class (EB:2A)
Learning expressions, nouns, verbs, prepositions, and adjectives from Perfect Picture vocabulary book; designing small sentences for each picture; using Side by Side conversation book.
Advanced Beginner Conversation and Grammar Class for Adults to Secure Strong Foundations (EB:3A)
Verb conjugation activities designing sentences from a verb using the various tenses; making narratives around a sequence of illustrations; designing questions and answers for short movies; using Side by Side 2 and 3 conversation books; remedial work with Perfect Picture vocabulary.
TOEFL class (I:T1)
The Cambridge TOEFL book and all of its varied activities and diagnostic tests are studied.
Lower Intermediate Speaking and Reading class (I:T2)
Repeating short conversations from TOEFL and designing and practicing formal summaries of them in indirect speech; hearing a short lecture and practicing dialogues in which two students seek to get clarity on the lecture from each other.
Reading and Discussion of  Contemporary Events for Advanced Learners, Impromptu Speeches, and Lincoln-Douglas Debates (A:CE)
Respective students explain news articles that they have read for the week and answer any questions that are brought up about their explanations, short two minute speeches are made, and students debate various issues.
Dialogues around the history of ideas (A:DH)
Each dense 1 to 2 page chapter on an idea examines the importance of an idea (i.e. the democratic ideals that we inherited from Athens and the Republican ideas we inherited from Rome); the chapter is thoroughly reviewed; then students practice a dialogue in which they seek to gain clarity of the lecture from each other.
Paragraph and Essay Writing in Business and Academia (A:WR)
Designing short analytical paragraphs essential in academic examinations and four page essays.
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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