Le Artz Studio

Le Artz Studio, Jalan Sungai Jarom, Kampung Kebun Baru, Jenjarom, Selangor, Malaysia


The purpose of setting up this studio is to make everyone enjoying themselves while creating their masterpieces with us.

We create an environment for children to learn through playing with creative art techniques and continue their artistic journey with us.

Even busy adults can come to our studio, hands on to create unique pieces for themselves.

Our Courses

  • Le Sensory Art

Explore & Develop Cognition

Suitable Age : 2 to 4

Children at this age are at the stage of exploring their surroundings. What they experience is important in their growth. They observe and imitate to develop their sensory and cognition. Drawing is innate in every child and it’s the best way for children to express their inner world. We merge art into their learning and guide them through with sensory activities.

  • Le Creative Art

Unleash & Express Imagination

Suitable Age : 4 to 10

Children at this age are now either in preschool or primary school. Peers companions are very important to them in building up social  and communication skills. Also, at this age, they have wild imaginations like universe, unpredictable and have no limitation. We teach children in this course with various fun art techniques and also peers sharing session to boost their creativity and confidence.

  • Le Realistic Art

Implement & Create Masterpiece

Suitable Age : 10 and above

This is the course where children / teenagers / adults implement the skills they have learnt previously on their creations. Some of them might already found their artistic pathway while some are still discovering their preferred way. Students in this course will learn proper structures of living / non-living things with different media such as watercolour, oil pastels, charcoal pencils and so on. At the same time, students in this course have complete freedom to create with their own preferred artistic style.

  • Le Leisure Art

Personal & Relaxing Moment

Suitable Age : (No Age Limitation)

This is a short course for anyone who is interested. We will be having different short courses from time to time. Stay tuned with us and reserve your seat with us as soon as possible because we conduct these classes in a small group. Suitable for adults with busy working life or elderly who wants to pick up art again. Art is a journey with no ending. It’s either being nurtured or abandoned. Creating your own masterpiece through art is definitely one of the best ways to relax your mind and calm your soul.

Please contact us for more information.

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