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Brief Description

Order and control have been replaced by contradiction and chaos. Employees are no longer told what to do. Instead, you influence their choices about what they want to do and then you help them to achieve their goals. You don’t direct but you win them over to follow your point of view. You don’t dictate to them but inspire them.

The business world has changed! Management’s job is to push people to succeed. Leadership is attractive ( pull ) the person to achieve success. You need a new set of skills to excel in this kind of business world.

This program helps you figure out how to stop managing and start leading so that you become an important part of the future of your organization.

It’s no longer the time to assume that a good manager is also a good leader. The difference between the two has become increasingly significant. In this program you will learn the differences between managing and leading . You move toward a more direct and more direct leadership style while leaving a managing style behind. Stop pushing, start pulling.

Take the steps that matter most to your career preferences. Move to a new business paradigm. Sign up for the Leadership Training for Managers program now. Start transforming yourself from a manager of the past to a leader for the future.

Fees : 8000000


Employees or business people with high potential at all managerial levels will definitely get added value from the Leadership Training for Managers. This includes  office supervisors/managers ,  plant managers ,  field directors ,  vice presidents  and  senior executives . More importantly, people of all sizes and types of organizations need solutions to help them face the various challenges of management positions.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Formulating a vision to produce a deal
  • Develop a realistic strategy
  • Take risks smartly
  • Influence others to follow you
  • Develop cooperation
  • Building a relationship of mutual trust and integrity
  • Gain cooperation in every level
  • Train and motivate others to succeed
  • Convince others to join your event
  • Leading a work team, department or organization that excels
  • Build self-esteem, confidence and decision making
  • Build relationships with all parts of the organization
  • Creating goals and work plans
  • Manage changes
  • Empowering others to achieve results
  • Speak clearly, confidently and passionately
  • Facilitate the work team process
  • Improve team effectiveness in making decisions
  • Build morale and earn the loyalty of others


  • Module 1
    Understand the distinction between personal leadership and organizational leadership
  • Module 2
    Creating an innovation process and understanding the planning process
  • Module 3
    Understanding the performance process and accountability
    Creating a coaching and appraisal process
  • Module 4
    Improving problem analysis and decision-making
    Recognizing human potential
  • Module 5
    Employing a delegation process
    Handling mistakes
  • Module 6
    Building quality to communication to lead and facilitate more effective meetings
  • Module 7
    Striving for continuous improvement


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