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Learning Edge is an organisation committed to providing impactful training solutions to all our clients. We are the best training provider because we understand that every company struggles with their own set of challenges, pain points and dilemmas. By putting our clients interest at heart, we design every program exclusively. A tailored program that is unique to tackle their every need and provide them with real solutions.


Team Building

TEAM BUILDING BEST TEAM BUILDING IN MALAYSIA As organizations try to meet the demands of complex global markets that seems to be constantly changing, comeback as the management buzzword of our time, a panacea for combating increased competition, tighter budgets, proliferating technology and smaller labor pools – the four horsemen of our contemporary business world.


WELLNESS Best Corporate Health & Wellness Program Employee health and wellness is clearly an astute business investment. Providing programs that stimulate employees to regulate their health risks better-as well as keep healthy people healthy-can have positive benefits in terms of managing health costs and enhancing work performance and quality of life. Many business leaders recognize that taking steps to build and maintain a healthy workforce makes good business sense.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Create a Fantastic Employee Experience Building an organisation with strong communities Employee engagement is the innate commitment an employee has to the organisation and its vision. Across the globe, 71% of employees are not yet fully engaged, leading to a loss of around $11 billion in employee turnover. The key aspect to employee engagement is enabling employees to strive towards a clear goal. In order to increase performance, people need to know where they place in the company and how they can take a step closer towards achieving the company’s goals. This provides a clear aim for the workforce and allows leaders to make better, more informed choices.


Protage GRADUATES PROTEGE TRAINING PROGRAM The main objective of Protege is to improve the employability or the ability of graduates of to get a job. The unemployment problem in Malaysia is accurately summarised by Professor Vijay Govindarajan – Professor at the Tuck School of Management – “People in emerging markets while often talented, suffer from what we call last mile employability, they lack communication skills, don’t know how to work in teams, are extremely theoretical and taught to be overly obedient. These are problems that companies have to correct”. The Protege program aims to help these unemployed graduates.


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