Misuga Kaiun Co., Ltd. (Philippine Branch) Training Division

Misuga Kaiun Co., Ltd. (Philippine Branch) Training Division

Ramon Magsaysay Center, Quintos Street, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


In just two decades, Misuga has grown into a world player for maritime services. Where it started as a specialist for Woodchip Carriers, Misuga soon gained support for its belief in quality, Japanese attention to detail and long term partnerships. Nowadays Misuga ranks among the Top 10 ship management companies worldwide with a managed fleet of more than 150 vessels.

It is the objective of the Misuga Group to operate all vessels in a safe and efficient manner, adhering to all international rules and regulations and ensuring the fleet operates in accordance with:

-Design Criteria

-Flag state and statutory regulations

-Charter party provisions

-Ship owners’ expectations


To be a corporate group contributing to society.


To be the most reliable business partner in the maritime industry.


– Quality: We put high value on safety of our crew and vessels and protection of the environment.

– Integrity: We Promote openness and transparent communication to our partners, staff and crew.

– Passion: We simply love and enjoy what we do!



In our commitment to build and strengthen the ties with the next generation, Misuga continually produces cadets specifically trained under the Misuga curriculum. The vision of providing quality cadets is intended for the principals’ demand for high-caliber seafarers. This will continue to enhance the reputation of the industry and Filipino seafarers.

The program was established for the following purposes:

– To develop young and well-trained cadets to be future officers onboard Misuga’s managed vessels.

– To provide qualified seafarers who consistently meet or exceed the quality standards of the principals.

Misuga has established harmonious relationships with partner schools that have been genuinely supportive since the beginning of our program. Annually, these schools hold a comprehensive selection exam to endorse freshmen cadets who meet the rigorous criteria of the program.


Misuga Training Division provides the optimum training experience for our officers and crew; nurturing them in the values of:

-diligent professionalism

-exceptional competence

-superior work performance

All joining crew and officers are required to participate in a two day “Education before Embarkation” training. This training aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge regarding various company policies, international shipping regulations, instructions from owners and safety notices. It also includes technical topics related to work onboard such as deck and engine maintenance, risk management, and marine and technical matters. Crew who are boarding a vessel type for the first time also have to undergo training for the specific type of vessel.

“Training for Promotion” is for joining crew and officers who have been selected for promotion onboard to the next higher license. In this training, duties, responsibilities and skills essential for their higher license are comprehensively reviewed. To effectively implement this program, instructors for this one-on-one training are experienced Masters and Engineers. Onboard Training Officers are also encouraged to continue this training and monitor the trainee’s onboard performance before the actual promotion.

Aside from the general training, all crew receive we also have “Enhancement Training” to provide specific training for crew and officers who need to improve in specific areas.

Misuga Kaiun focuses on “Quality” since its inception.

We are committed to providing well trained competent crew and high-quality ship management services to achieve safety of the vessels, people onboard and ashore and cargo, and environmental protection.

We established manning agencies in the Philippines and assign Japanese staff there. We have our own training center and regularly hold officers’ dialogue and crew family events. We also cooperate with maritime schools in the Philippines to train excellent young seafarers by providing funds, equipment, personnel, and financial aid program.

Our ship management offices are located in Tokyo, Shikokuchuo (Ehime), Hong Kong, Manila (the Philippines), Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and provide ship management services to meet the needs of ship owners and charterers by type of vessels and their trading area.

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