Myanmar Mercantile Marine College, Bayinnaung Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


In order to train and nature good and able seafarer endowed with international marine expertise in the uplift of the mercantile marine sector of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.


  • To provide necessary training in both martial prowess and mental faculties for all crew members so that they may one day become able leaders and efficient workers.
  • To supervise research for the development of marine technology and marine transport enterprises

Courses :

Myanmar Mercantile Marine College is providing academic training in subjects related to nautical profession and nurturing of ordinary seaman to master and first class marine engineer in the fields of different trades representing good and able service personnel of the State. Moreover, the curriculum of courses have been updated and new courses have been also introduced in line with STCW’95 standards.

The courses being conducted at Myanmar Mercantile Marine College are as follows:

I. Cadet Diploma Courses
     (1)Diploma in Nautical Studies (Dip.N.S)
     (2) Diploma in Maritime Technology (Dip. Mar.Tech)

II. Certificate of Competency (COC) Courses
     (1) Deck Officer Class I, Master
     (2) Chief Mate Class I & II (Combine)
     (3) Officer Incharge of a Navigational Watch Class III
     (4) MEO Class I, Chief Engineer
     (5) MEO Class II, Second Engineer
     (6) MEO Class III, Third Engineer
     (7) MEO Class III (Updating Course)

III. Courses for personnel on certain types of ship (COP) Courses
     (1) Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Operations Course (TF)
     (2) Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Operations Course (AOT)
     (3) Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Operations Course (ACT)

IV. Safety, Survival and Medical Care Courses
     (1) Basic Safety Training Course (BST)
     (2) Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than fast Rescue Boats (PSC & RB)
     (3) Advanced Fire Fighting Course (AFF)
     (4) Medical First Aids Course (1.14) (MFA)
     (5) Advanced Medical Training Course (Medical Care) (1.15) (AMTC)

V. Other Courses
     (1) Training Course for Instructor (TI)
     (2) Workshop Skill Training Course
     (3) Vessel Resource Management Course (VRM)
     (4) MEO Class III (Part II) Industrial Chemistry & Maritime English Training Course.


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